Marathwada Auto Cluster

Training Centre

Marathwada Auto Cluster has embarked on an ambitious project to establish “Skill Academy” – a center for fulfilling the industry’s requirement for skilled manpower. The fulfillment will be done based on continuous analysis of industry’s evolving skill requirements. Training & Certification programs designed to bridge the skill gap.

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Welding Simulator

Virtual Welding gives beginners the opportunity to learn welding processes step by step in individual exercises and to gradually develop a technical feel for the correct parameter settings. Equipped with a welding torch, helmet and gloves, they perform virtual welding on a variety of workpieces without the limitations imposed by safety devices or missing welding equipment. With Virtual Welding, users not only benefit from optimally trained employees, but the virtual process also results in huge savings on materials and resources.

Robotics Operations & Programing

This Training deals with the design, manufacturing, operations, applications and fundamentals of robots. Also, with the computer software and languages used to control their mechanism. Robotics Engineering is one of the most recognized, technologically advanced career option available for the students. the complexity of these machines and autonomous systems has spawned five specialized areas within the field of robotics: Operator interface. Mobility or locomotion. Manipulators & Effectors. Programming. Sensing & Perception.

Shaping the Industrial Future with Programs such as:

CNC Programing & Operations

Industrial Robtics & Automation

Advanced Welding Technology

Reverse Engineering Techniques

Advanced Metrology Practices

Certification of

VMC Programming & Operations


Basic Hydraulics &

Advance EXCEL

Tally Surf
Direct & Indirect Taxes

Effective Business Communication
& Digital Marketing

Occupation Health
& Safety

Team Work,
Time Management & Stress Management

Quality Audit Documentation

of GD & T

Introduction of
Factory Act

to TPM

Other QMS Tools

Lead Audit Tools
For a Professiona Audit

Basics of 7
QC Tools